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Twiga Tours Wins Again!

Twiga Tours Wins Again!

The Sarit Centre congratulates Twiga Tours after winning the 2014 World's Responsible Toursim Award at the recently held World Travel Awards. The entire Sarit family is proud to be associated with you.

Are you thinking of taking a trip this festive season? Then visit Twiga Tours on the ground floor next to the Bata Shoe Store for all your travel requirements.

The Sarit Centre's Rewarding Loyalty Christmas Shopping Promotion!

The Sarit Centre's Rewarding Loyalty Christmas Shopping Promotion!

This Christmas The Sarit Centre is giving away Kshs 10,000,000 to its most loyal shoppers!

"Adidas is all in"

"Adidas is all in"

This is truly a season of growth and expansion here at The Sarit Centre and we are proud to announce the opening of yet another new store at the Centre, Adidas!
The new Adidas store is located on the ground floor adjacent to the Mr. Price Home store that opened a few days ago. Come check out what they have to offer and get your sporty look sorted. 

Showing Today at Fox Cineplex

18th December 2014

Action Jackson

Big Hero 6 in 3d

The Boxtrolls in 3d

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies in 3d

Please note that times are subject to change.

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